Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Port Orange

Here at Dianne's Used Appliance and Repair in Port Orange, we know that many dryer repair problems are not caused by the dryer itself, but rather by the need to perform some dryer vent cleaning. It is often the case that a simple dryer vent cleaning or replacement of a defective vent hose will enable your dryer to work just like new and also save you the cost of a new replacement dryer. 

Trust Worthy Dryer Vent Cleaning Prices

Over time, a certain amount of lint and fiber escapes past even the best filter and builds up inside the vent line. This often causes the dryer to take an excessive amount of time to do its job and can also cause a fire. All of that dryer lint inside the vent is one of the best fire starters in the world. People often use it as part of their wilderness survival kits. That is why we always do dryer vent cleaning on every dryer we service or replace throughout the Port Orange area.

Fast Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Dryer vent cleaning can also entail the rerouting of improperly sited dryer vents. This can be done to improve efficiency, prevent fires, or even both. Since many dryer vent cleaning and repair problems are well hidden from view, it usually takes a professional with the proper tools to examine and repair these problems. We are always happy to check out these problems for our customers, as well as any other appliance problems you may be having. At Dianne's, we sell and service all manner of appliances, both new and used. Give us a call today.